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The division of gynaecology established for the first time in 2000 when the first and the second  Center for Reproductive medicine in Maternal hospital on Obilní trh united. This division has arisen from both departments of gynaecology and obtetrics and was formed by outpatien clinics (income and consultation clinic and specialized clinics), department of reproductive medicine 7, department of operative gynaecology  17 and chart rooms. A year later, when the Center for reproductive medicine in Maternal hospital  and the Centrum for reproductive medicine in Bohunice  were united, a complex division of gynaecology was created. This is formed by several parts: outpatien clinics in both in Maternal hospital and Bohunice (general and specialized clinic),  department of reproductive medicine  7, department of operative gynaecology 17 and chart rooms COS II in Maternal hospital. In Bohunice you can find the department of reprodutive gynaecology and 10 gynaecology beds for one-day surgery as a part of departmant PA and chart rooms COS I.
Reproductive gynaecology is influenced by new technologies and scientific inventions. Apart from providing usual key hole surgery we implement new techniques in this area in restoring inherent disorders of a female genital. The average lenght of a hospitalization has desreased importntly as a result of an increased number of endoscopic operations. We implement the latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the surgical treatment of a urine incontinence. We also offer more services to young patients either in our outpatient clinics or via hospitalization. This inables us to informe our young patients about illness prevention. Our outpatient clinics are undergoing a huge progress. A quick establishment of a diagnosis and an optimal treatment are a result of our diagnostic algorhytms. When dealing with pathological pregnancy we treat our patients with the newest farmakons with minimal adverse effects.



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Robert Hudeček, MD, PhD

Head of Division of Gynaecology