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Blood Donation

Contact for blood donation register and your questions:         


Dear donors, if you are planing to write an e-mail to book your blood donation appointment, please don't forget to include your:

  1. Name and Surname

  2. Blood donor number (from blood donor card) or

  3. Health insurance number or

  4. ID number (but at least one identification number)

  5. If you are first time donor or repeated donor

  6. Desired date and time of your donation

It will really help us to speed up the process of booking your appointment.

Please include this informations in every email for every new appointment booking.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Dear donors, if you do not recieve reply to your email for a long time, please check SPAM folder on your email account!


Propose your convenient term(s) for blood collection. We will response immediately.

Where and when I can donate blood

Department of Transfusion &Tissue Medicine of the Brno University Hospital, Jihlavská 20, 625 00 Brno (Pavilion I2)

Reception of blood donors: Monday to Friday between 6:30 a.m. and 13:00 p.m.


Health preconditions for blood donation

Constant health preconditions

  • Age: between 18 and 65
  • Weight: 50 kg as a minimum
  • I don’t suffer from any serious chronic or psychiatric disease
  • I have never suffered from hepatitis, type B or C
  • I`m not HIV positive
  • I didn’t suffer from malaria
  • I`m not alcoholic
  • I don’t belong to a group of risk (promiscuous living, drug taking)
  • I was not dwelling in England or France for more than 12 months during 1980/96

Actual health preconditions

  • I`m not ill in this time
  • I have no injury or oral herpes
  • I didn’t visit my dentist for tooth treatment in the course of last week
  • I didn’t take antibiotics in the course of last two weeks
  • I had no tick stuck or vaccination against hepatitis, type B, in the course of last month
  • I haven’t any tattoo or piercing done, I underwent no operation or endoscopic examination in the course of last 4 months
  • For women: I don’t menstruate and, I`m not pregnant at the moment; it’s more than at least one year after my childbirth, I`m not breastfeeding for 6 months



Questionnaire for blood donors:

Following preview is for information only.

The blood donor questionnaire must be filled in on the day of the donation. The form is available in the cloakroom.

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Diet measures before the blood collection

It is not recommended to starve before the blood collection; 12 hours before the blood collection: don´t eat any fatty food (eat e.g. white baked goods, honey, jam, fruit, biscuits; avoid eating of meat, sausages, cheese or milk products, bakery products with oil seeds, nuts), and drink at least half a litter of non-alcoholic liquid. Avoid smoking for at least 3 hours before the blood collection.


Documents to submit

  • You must present a valid identity card, a health insurance card (health insurance in the Czech Rep. in the extent of complete care).


Blood collection frequency

  • 1x in 3 months for men
  • 1x in 4 months for women

Blood collection planning in connection with having dwelt in exotic countries:

If you have dwelt in a country with the increased risk of occurrence of malaria, infectious hepatitis or other diseases passed by blood, your blood collection requires a certain postponement. Details hereto can be obtained on the websites as follows:


Supplement information

  1. Volunteer blood donation is a significant criterion of safety. Only a blood donor who is not motivated by any direct remuneration is adequately safe in the aspect of modern transfusion service. The institution of the Czech Red Cross is regularly awarding the volunteer blood donors moral prizes in the Czech Republic.
  2. Regulated blood donation: Blood donors with concrete blood categories are invited for collection in a given day in such a number, so that we can create an optimal reserve of transfusion preparations for our patients. The time chart of invited blood donors makes it possible to avoid long waiting times.
  3. Please, inform us by means of the form “Blood Donor´s Questionnaire about Subsequent Occurrence of Undesirable Reaction to the Blood Collection” when you have observed any troubles after donation.


Blood Donor´s Contentment Questionnaire

Blood Donor´s  Questionnaire about Subsequent Occurrence of Undesirable Reaction to the Blood Collection


Information leaflet for meal ticket and counters

Blood donors have the right for a small snack after the done blood collection. The counters are to be used in the local slot machine; meal tickets in the value of 100 CZK may be produced in any shop with the typical marking.