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Information for patients

If you are looking for any clinic or physician at a particular section of the The University Hospital Brno, simply go to our Information Center. In the Center for Adult Medicine, you will find it in the entrance of the bed wing in the ”L” building; in the Children's Medical Center, it is situated in the entrance hall of pavilion “D” (called Teyschl Hall); in the Center for Reproductive Medicine you will be provided with all necessary information by the Central Admission Office staff in the entrance hall of building “C1”. In The Long-Term Care Hospital you will be provided with information by the Admission Office staff.


Outpatient services – office hours

Emergency admission provides continuous service. The office hours for specialized outpatient departments are 7.00 to 17.00 on working days. Further information regarding the working hours – considering the large number of outpatient departments – can be found at our web page: (Centers – sections- the Center for Adult Medicine, The Center for Reproductive Medicine, The Children's Medical Center – Clinics and Departments)


Admission into hospital

Before being admitted into hospital, please follow the advice of your general practitioner or ambulatory physician. Please come to the hospital at your appointed time. Children may be hospitalized in special sections of the Orthopedic Clinic and the Clinic for Burns and Reconstructive Surgery at the Center for Adult Medicine. The hospitalization of children in other Center for Adult Medicine clinics is possible upon written request and the approval of the deputies for treatment and preventive care in the center. On the other hand, full care for child patients is provided in the Children's Medical Center.


For admission to the hospital you need

An ID card, a health insurance card, the name and address of your attending physician, a certificate of inability to work (provided that it has been issued), a medical recommendation for admission and test results, personal necessities, toiletries, slippers and a pyjama or night dress should you wish. For children, it is possible to bring house clothes, sportswear or a favorite toy, in accordance with the nature of the illness


Over-standard rooms

The University Hospital Brno offers hospitalization in over-standard rooms in the Center for Adult Medicine in Bohunice and in the Center for Reproductive Medicine at Obilní trh 9. The Children's Medical Center offers over-standard rooms only in the Clinic of Pediatric Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology. The prices of the over-standard rooms are listed in the enclosed table. Price lists for other over-standard services provided by the The University Hospital Brno can be found on the web page:


Type of Room

The Center for Adult Medicine, Jihlavská 20

The Center for Reproductive Medicine, Obilní trh 11

Over-standard room I. - (e.g.. shower or bathroom, toilet, bed, multipurpose bedside cabinet, sofa bed for visitor, armchair or good chair, wardrobe, table, central + local lighting, signaling + communicating devices, TV, radio, telephone, blinds, drapes, decor. curtains, pictures, other decorations)



650 Crowns per day



650 Crowns per day

Over-standard room II. - (e.g. answering machine, book-case, eating utensils and other accessories, electric kettle, fridge, toiletry table, humidifier)


550 Crowns per day


450 Crowns per day

Over-standard room III – individual room

450 Crowns per day

300 Crowns per day



Discharge from the hospital

Upon your discharge from hospital you will obtain a written report for your attending physician, a three-day supply of the necessary medication and information concerning further recommended treatment.