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Trauma Team of the Czech Republic

The Trauma Team of the Czech Republic was originally established at the Brno Trauma Center in 1987. It included a specialized surgical team composed of trauma surgeons, intensive care physicians and nurses skilled in the same professions, 20 persons together. The complete equipment of the Trauma Team was oriented to the emergency medicine, intensive care and emergency surgical operations, and it was also prepared to provide activities in provincial hospitals or special works in medical tents. The activities of Trauma Team on sites of disasters and its equipment were always planned for 2 weeks with intention of 5 or 6 operations a day, i.e. about 70 operations together, and they were able to attend about 40 or 50 patients a day.

In 2010, the Trauma Team of the Czech Republic was newly re-established in the Brno University Hospital. The current Trauma Team is fully governed by the EC Civil Protection directives, such as:

- The Council Decision of 8th November 2007 establishing a Community Civil Protection Mechanism – 2007/779/EC, Euratom

  • Commission Decision 2004/277/EC, Euratom, implementing the Council Decision 2007/779/EC, Euratom, and establishing a Community Civil Protection Mechanism (notified under the document number C(2007) 6464), 2008/73/EC, Euratom, and
  • other Commission Decisions.


The Trauma Team of the Czech Republic closely cooperates with USAR Team of firefighters in Prague; their activities are commonly presented as the Czech Emergency Response Team (CZERT). The Trauma Team consists of three parts:

  • Command Part including 2 men: a commander and liaison officer and a doctor (a head of the medical part);
  • Medical Part including 10 doctors skilled in emergency medicine (trauma surgeons, specialists for burn and plastic surgery) and 11 nurses skilled in emergency and intensive care after surgery, and operating room nurses;
  • Logistic Part including further 11 persons taking care of technical support in facilities, tent service, technical service for power and heating, hygiene and rescuer in medical part.


The Trauma Team disposes of 7 medical tents (a unit of triage, 2 ambulances, 2 Intensive Care Units, a unit for patients´ transportation and 2 stores). Further, it disposes of 5 logistic tents each including a waiting room, a catering room, 3 bedrooms and a hygiene room with WC and showers.


The equipment of Trauma Team is intended to serve always for 2 weeks on a site under the cooperation with other units on the spot. The role of Trauma Team is as follows:

  • To perform a triage of patients on the site of a disaster,
  • to stabilize the patients´ condition and to prepare them for transport to the most suitable medical facilities for final treatment,
  • to meet the capacities lying with
  • the performance of at least 20 patients´ triage per hour,
  • securing of a medical team capable to stabilize 50 patients during two working shifts, resp. within 24 hours,
  • availability of treatment for 100 patients with minor injuries per 24 hours,
  • ensuring of patients´ deployment, i.e. the availability of patients´  transportation within 12 hours as a maximum after the call acceptance,
  • arrangement of 1 operational hour after the arrival on spot.


The Trauma Team has participated in 4 home exercises and 1 exercise abroad and its equipment and activities were classified very well, especially regarding the EC MODEX Falck Civil Protection exercise in Tinglev, Denmark, held between the 25th and 29th January 2013. Except of good results attained in all the exercises, the Trauma Team of the Czech Republic has the Module 7 in AMP, CivilProtectionES (Advanced MedicalPost).


The Trauma Team of the Czech Republic now aims to the Module No. 8 in the AMP-S, Civil Protection ES (Advanced Medical Post with Surgery).


The Trauma Team of the Czech Republic is ready to cooperate with all USAR teams, as well as with any humanitarian missions in places of disaster occurs in the world.


The Trauma Team missions realized:

  • Nicaragua: Action from 28th Oct. to 20th Dec. 1987
  • Armenia: Humanitarian action in connection with the earthquake between 28th May and 14th June 1989
  • Iran: Action connected with the earthquake between June 21st and 26th 1989
  • Pakistan: the earthquake between Oct. 12th and Nov. 2nd 2005


Trauma Team of the Czech Republic

Petr Nestrojil, MD

Head of the Trauma Team of the Czech Republic

Clinic of Traumatology of the University Hospital and Trauma Center Brno,

Jihlavská 20, 625 00 Brno

Czech Republic,