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Suitable defect is diagnosed during arthroscopy, surgeon obtains cartilage samples for cultivation in amount of 300 -500 mg (from margin of medial femoral condyle). Cartilage sample is transported to the Tissue bank in cold salt solution.

Cartilage samples are cleaned and cut into small pieces under laminar flow hood conditions and digested enzymatically using trypsin and collagenase. Chondrocytes suspension is inoculated into flask and cultured in incubator at 37°C in CO2 atmosphere.  Culture medium exchange is provided every 48 hours. Proliferation of chondrocytes is monitored using inverted microscopy.

The fibrin tissue glue Tissucol (Baxter) is used as a three dimensional carrier for chondrocyte culture.

Before surgery the chondrocyte suspension is mixed with fibrin glue and applied into special form.

Prepared chondrograft is transported to surgeon. He reshapes chondrograft and transplants into defect. Fixation is realized via agglutination with fibrin glue.

Caution: cartilage sample have to get to the Tissue bank at least on Thursday.

Order form, informed consent and laboratory examinations (according European legislative) have to be enclosed.

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